• 24 de Março, 2016

16th Esaso Retina Academy

16th Esaso Retina Academy

16th Esaso Retina Academy 800 450 GER-Portugal


A talent hub and top-rated advanced educational event for young ophthalmologists

This year’s 16th ESASO Retina Academy will take place in Estoril, Portugal, from 23-25 June 2016. For promising young eye doctors and scientists, this ESASO Retina Academy provides a unique learning opportunity with world-leading faculty who will discuss the latest scientific, technical and clinical developments in the field of eye care.

This year’s programme includes several plenary sessions, which together aim to train practising clinicians on the most current clinical challenges.


– “Dry AMD: a new challenge”: foremost experts will provide the latest information on the pathophysiology and classification of dry macula degeneration. The session will cover ongoing research in retina centres around the world in geographic atrophy, as well as studies exploring evidence regarding signs of disease progression.

– “PDR treatment”: The current controversy regarding the treatment of proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) with laser or with anti-VEGF therapies is an important topic of interest to clinicians. After presentation of data from clinical trials and analysis of several case studies, a panel of experts will discuss controversial points with their pros and cons.

– “CSC”: A full plenary session of this year’s Retina Academy is dedicated to the multifaceted clinical appearance of central serous chorioretinopathy (CSC). Internationally renowned specialists will provide the most current insights into the etiopathogenesis and manifestations, diagnosis and treatment.

Over 150 abstracts from close to 20 countries were submitted to eight subcategories and the best ones will be presented during the congress. All others will be displayed as posters and are available for discussion with the attending authors during congress hours.

Submitted case studies will be presented and discussed during the Retinamour session, where unusual cases will be discussed by the chair and questions answered by the panel. The ESASO Style Debates will highlight controversial standpoints on important topics. Opponents share their presentations, present and substantiate their preferred treatment for 10 minutes, and challenge each other together with a vivid audience.


ESASO is also introducing a new concept of active learning. Each session will start and end with test questions, which will allow an immediate evaluation of the individual learning curve. ESASO’s scientific committee believes that this new concept underpins its objective to actively address unmet training needs and learning outcomes of its delegates. ESASO Retina Academies have excellent scientific and clinical presentations, but another feature is the collegial spirit and friendly atmosphere. The innovative educational formats are varied and tailor-made to give the best possible learning and social experience.

For further information:

Contact the congress secretariat at congress@esaso.org

Website: www.esaso.org/16th-esaso-retina-academy-2016

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